Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dog Shot in Head Needs Loving Home

Snowball is a wonderful 80 lb., 3 year old Pit /Dalmatian mix. She's been at a Montana shelter since March '09 on police hold. After her owner went to jail, the court threatened
to have her euthanized if she was returned to her owner, so she has been sequestered at the shelter.

Snowball is the victim of an owner with a long criminal history. The police shot her in the head during an altercation with her owner. Her owner was yelling at policemen in his yard and Snowball simply growled. She survived the shooting without any negative impacts.

Snowball has never bitten anyone! Never been picked up stray.
Never been involved in an altercation with any other animal or human.
She has always behaved well, even under dire circumstances.

Snowball gets along well with other dogs-- slightly better with males--she's an alpha female. She lived with a schipperke mix and seems to do ok with small dogs.
Snowball is a love of a dog and has an adorable obsession with her green & white basketball.

Our rescue will be getting Snowball on Dec. 10th, if you would like to give her a loving home and show her that life is not on the streets but a stable loving environment then please contact us.

She is a great dog who has suffered terribly and survived!
She languished in a shelter for 10 months, and still kept her sweet smile and wonderful spirit.
She should have a chance to know love.