Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Sandy and Sparky!

Two of the sweetest chihuahuas you will ever meet!  Sandy and Sparky were rescued from a sad life in a puppy mill.  Sandy who is Sparky's mom was left in a tiny cage with her nails never trimmed so eventually they grew into her legs- OUCH!  Sandy had to have surgery to have the nails removed and then she had to learn to walk as she had never had that opportunity before!  Sparky has a darling face with a his tongue always hanging out the side of his mouth, probably due to his heart murmur!  These two will pull on your heart strings like no others!  They are living with us on the farm until they find their special forever home.  They must be adopted out together as they are the best of pals and rely on each other for comfort often.  You would never know the hard life they have lived with their darling personalities!